Clear Phone memory of Nokia C5-03

                    In today's scenario smart phone have become an essential part of human life and in context of smartphone Nokia is one of the leading company in the market and Nokia C5-03 is one of them.

                    Nokia's phone has got one disadvantages i.e. its phone memory becomes full very quickly and it has been a problem of major concerned for Nokia users. Since I also use the same phone, I also had the same problem. After finding out the process to clear phone memory
I have listed the steps to clear the Nokia C5-03 phone memory.

Steps to Clear Nokia C5-03 phone Memory
  • First of all take backup of your phone such as your contacts, application etc.
  • Close all application.
  • Keep the phone in offline mode.
  • Go to setting -> personal ->profile ->offline
  • Dial *#7370#
          Then you will be asked that "Restore all original phone settings and phone will restart?"
         Select 'Yes' if you want and ' No' if you don't. After you select 'yes' the phone will restart and your phone memory will be very much free or empty.

           I hope this article will help Nokia users. Give it a try it may be applicable in other Nokia smart phone too.