Top 6 Laptops price in Nepal

               This is the age of technology where everything is tried to be done technically. While saying about the technology, laptops comes in our mind firstly. Laptops had become an indispensable part of human professional life. So, here i am listing some top brand laptops available in nepali market.

Laptops in Nepali Market:

1. Apple Mac Book Pro

The new MacBook Pro has a lot of new features in comparison to the older ones. It has large battery life, a better display, faster processor, better graphics card, firewire, SD-card slot, etc.
           Price    :- Rs. 1,35,000 (13 inch )
           Shop    :- Apple Evo Store 
           Phone  :- 01-4225486

2. Toshiba Satellite C665
There's nothing about the Toshiba Satellite. It is 15.6 inch screen, good battery life, 500 GB HDD, 4GB RAM and an i3 processor.

                 Price   :- Rs 50,500
                 Store   :- Click! Solutions
                 Phone :-01- 5536649

A high-end gaming laptop without the high-end price that is built like a stealth fighter. Powerful hardware also backs up this neat package that has got everything: loads of RAM and Blu-Ray drive included !
            Price :- Rs 1,80,000
            Store :- Nagmani International
            Phone :- 01-4168603

4. Dell Latitude E6420
This laptop is everything we expected from Dell; its built for the new mobile business class with durability, security and convenient manageability. In addition, the rugged build, with Backlit keyboard, extended battery life and media bay options work together to provide a solid overall performance.
                Price :- Rs 88,000
                Store :- Neoteric Nepal
                Phone :- 01-4069211

5. H P Pavillion G4
The G4 delivers an outstanding mix of design and performance for the money. You won't find a faster or better-equipped laptop for less with an average battery life. It's got better-than-average speakers and enough graphics performance to play basic games.
                Price :- Rs 52,000
                Store :- CAS Trading
                Phone :- 01-4440271

6. ASUS U41
The U41JF is a solid mid-range entertainment notebook; don't let its cheapish looks stray you away-it's the most powerful ultra-portable laptop you can get. 7.5 hours of battery life and excellent graphics performance that can match with any out there make up for the mediocre build.
                Price :- Rs 80,000
                Store :- Nagmani International
                Phone :- 01-4168603

Bird Mobile Slim Touch in Nepali Market

Bird Mobile Slim Touch Phone available in the Nepali Market

             Gadgets Nepal Pvt. Ltd., authorized dealer of bird mobile has made two handset available in the market. The W3000 ( Hen ) Slim model has big screen size and featured with full multimedia, slim design, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, touch screen, Bluetooth, Video recording and Social Multimedia features like Facebook, MSN and yahoo messenger. 
            Similarly, The V100 ( Babe ) Mobile includes a touch screen and contains features like Bluetooth, MP4 Player, and Social Networking like MSN, Facebook and Yahoo messenger. Both the mobiles Contains 1 GB memory card and the handset V100 comes with a different back cover for free. The Company has targeted the youth generation for its market.The company has also made an attempt to make this 2 handset available in more than 25 cities of Nepal.

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Clear Phone memory of Nokia C5-03

                    In today's scenario smart phone have become an essential part of human life and in context of smartphone Nokia is one of the leading company in the market and Nokia C5-03 is one of them.

                    Nokia's phone has got one disadvantages i.e. its phone memory becomes full very quickly and it has been a problem of major concerned for Nokia users. Since I also use the same phone, I also had the same problem. After finding out the process to clear phone memory