Bird Mobile Slim Touch in Nepali Market

Bird Mobile Slim Touch Phone available in the Nepali Market

             Gadgets Nepal Pvt. Ltd., authorized dealer of bird mobile has made two handset available in the market. The W3000 ( Hen ) Slim model has big screen size and featured with full multimedia, slim design, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, touch screen, Bluetooth, Video recording and Social Multimedia features like Facebook, MSN and yahoo messenger. 
            Similarly, The V100 ( Babe ) Mobile includes a touch screen and contains features like Bluetooth, MP4 Player, and Social Networking like MSN, Facebook and Yahoo messenger. Both the mobiles Contains 1 GB memory card and the handset V100 comes with a different back cover for free. The Company has targeted the youth generation for its market.The company has also made an attempt to make this 2 handset available in more than 25 cities of Nepal.