Nepali Gift Items

Nepalese gifts products

Nepal, a country unity in diversity is well known for its natural beauty because of which lots and lots of tourists visit Nepal every year. Nepalese handicrafts are popular gift items among the tourist of the world.
The culture and lifestyle of our country  differs a lot from other countries. The handicrafts not only carry finest sensibility and artistic expression but also cultural conscience about the historical and religious conscience about the historical and religious significance. There are several items to take home as gifts from Nepal.

·         Pashmina :- Made from inner fur of lambs and are very popular for their softness. Fabrics like shawls, mufflers, sweaters, scarves etc are fashionable worldwide. The best places to buy pashmina’s are New Road, Indrachowk  & Thamel.

·         Mithila Painting :- These are bright color artwork with maithali culture themes which are from terai region. These painting include the story of Ramayan,domestic rituals and cultural scenes of Maithili and mithila civilization.

·         Lokta Paper :-  It is prepare from the outer layer of tree found in the high altitude hills of Nepal. The soft mass as a result of boiling, washing & beating of wooden fibre is spread in a wooden frame & dried.

·         Hemp products :- Products like passport bags, laptop bags, backpack, slippers and many more products are available in Thamel, heritage sites of kathamandu valley as well as pokhara.

·         Ceramics :- Pottery is made usually from blay clay. Items like water jar animal figure, deities and coin-cointainer are made from clay. Traditional ways of working on the wheel etc and seen at pottery centres in bhaktapur & thimi.

·         Tea :- Illam is famous for producing world famous tea. The tea is wrapped in small pouch & package. The original aroma flavor are available in Kathmandu & pokhara.

·         Dhaca :- Nepal is also popular in dhaca nepali clothes like daura suruwal & Dhaka topi are made. Palpa is consider the best for producing dhaca.

Other Items:-

Ø  Leather Accessories:-shoes, jackets, belts & wallets
Ø  Spices :- Nutmeg, ginger, saffron, mace, anise, fenugreek, black pepper, coriander, seeds.
Ø  Musical instruments :- Sarngi ( Nepali version of violin ), madal ( drum ), Bansuri ( Flute ), murchunga ( typical instrument played by mouth & panchebaja (fusion of five instruments)).
Ø  Jewelry :- Necklaces, rings, earrings, gold, silver, ruby, garnet, sapphire.
Ø  Nepali Dolls:- Dolls & puppes of nepali culture made of cloth clay & wood.
Ø  Wood game Boards :- wooden games & puzzles, chessboard etc.
Ø  Mask
Ø  Books